Aaron McCLain

Aaron McClain is a Facility Director at Lincoln in Lincoln, Nebraska. He has a beautiful wife of 6 years and two precious little girls that bring excitement and fulfillment to his life. His family has been South Alabama natives for their entire lives until they felt God call them to the Lincoln, NE area about 3 years ago. As former Pastors and currently faithful servants of a thriving Church, they know that when God says “Go” you Go!

  • CrossFit Training
  • Olympic Barbell Competitions
  • Bodybuilding
  • Personal Training
  • Sports/Speed Training
We have been deeply rooted in serving our immediate community in both outreach and discipleship and have a heart for helping people develop their personal relationships with Jesus and others.
I have been involved with physical training in a variety of different ways for the past 13 years. These areas include but are not limited to Crossfit training, Olympic barbell competitions, bodybuilding, and personal training, and sports/speed training throughout my life. My favorite of these is always going to be dynamic Olympic lifts. Sorry, not sorry.

…My mission in life is to create atmospheres where people can encounter the Living God. That may come through leading worship, discipleship, conversations, outreach, or even a Trinity Fitness Battle. I exist to get you to Jesus.